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"That Girl" Parrell feat. Snoop Dog

"50 Fingers" Little Red Lung 

"House of Flesh Mannequins"

Feature Film

"Death of The Virgin"

Feature Film

"Spazzin" Caligrafi Jones

MyMusic Web Series Episode 20

"Chuck Norris" Laura Michelle

Hyundai Spec

"King of Nothing"

Bob Pressner

"Sherry Lynn"


"Epic Hair" Herbal Essences Commercial


 "My Strawberry Me"

Strawberry Shortcake

"Tears" Health


"The Other Side" Brittnay Pressner

MyMusic Web Series Episode 21

"I Told You So" Bek Phillips

"Ayn Bran Cereal by Ayn Rand"

The Midnight Show



"Miss Murder" AFI

"This Is What You Want" Boys Noize

"We Live" Superchick

"Otis" Pilot

"Mad Men Forever"

D.I.R.T. Comedy

"Vampire Girlfriends "

The Ladies of Rap

"Kid Knives" D.I.R.T. Comedy

"Here" Jimmy McGorman

"The Art of Chores" 

Web Series

"Vampire Girlfriends"


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